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Vertical offers more than just a phone system. We provide expert help on choosing the right cutting-edge solution tailored to your needs. Whether it’s voice, video, messaging, or more, our experts will consult with you to select and implement the best unified communications platform for your needs.

Compare Cloud / On-Premises Communications / Hybrid

InfrastructureMulti-tenant, Geographically-Dispersed, Secure Tier-4 data centers owned by solution providerLocal servers under your controlDedicated tenant in a 3rd party data center, local servers an option, maintained by provider under subscription
ConnectivityUses public internet, customer pays for last mileUses customer’s existing network, customer provides internet and phone connectivityCustomer provides internet and phone connections, can be wrapped into subscription model
ScalabilityEasily scalable through additional monthly licensingLimited by on-site hardware and one-time purchase licensesEasily scalable adds on subscription model
Upfront CostsNo need to purchase and maintain equipmentMust invest in equipment and infrastructure through purchase or leasing (CAPEX)Must invest in equipment and infrastructure, can be offered in SaaS Subscription or CAPEX
Ongoing CostsMonthly recurring cost licensing for each seat with regulatory fees & taxes (OPEX)Lower recurring cost, annual software maintenance package is optional (highly recommended)Recurring subscription to maintain and manage system (SaaS)
Maintenance & UpgradesContinuous updates from vendor with no business interruptions but no ability to opt outCustomer chooses which updates and when to applyRegular cadence updates installed by provider in subscription model
ReliabilityGeo-redundancy, 24-7 monitoring, active remediation, depends on public internet accessLocal service can stay up in event of internet outage, redundancy must be planned and testedGeo-redundancy, 24/7 monitoring, locally survivable
SecurityAdvanced protocols and encryption, active security teamCustomer owns security level and processesProvider and organization collaborate on security
FlexibilityWork from anywhere with an internet connection, but must always be connectedWork from anywhere requires proper setup and network configuration, can operate entirely without internetWork from anywhere with an internet connection, can work without internet with local option
Licensing ModelSubscription-based (OPEX)Capital expense (CAPEX)Can be OPEX or CAPEX
Bottom LineBest way for always-connected customers who want the latest features, minimal up-front investment, and outsources operationsBest for customers looking for lower ongoing costs, tight control of system and security, or has questionable internet accessBest for customers who want to control their system, but want the advantages of a cloud model
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Our experts work with you to tailor the best customer experience solutions for your business. We’ll stay by your side from design to installation to support.

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