Considering Utilizing a Remote Workforce? Three Ways Remote Workers Benefit Your Company

Remote working is becoming more and more popular. As one of the most coveted job perks out there, many job applicants and current employees are clamoring for the chance to go remote. But if they do, will your company benefit, too? The answer is yes. From increasing productivity, to saving business costs, companies worldwide can benefit from allowing some, or all, workers to go remote. 

Increase Your Employees’ Productivity

When considering remote workers, many leaders fear that their employees will no longer be productive. In reality, that fear is far from the truth. Remote workers are actually significantly more productive than employees working in an office. A recent study by Stanford found that “Telecommuting workers worked more hours, took shorter breaks, and used less sick leave.” Many studies support this:

  • Global Workplace Analytics found that teleworkers were 20-25% more productive than office-based employees.
  • TINYPulse showed that remote workers felt 91% more productive when they worked remotely.
  • Cardiff University found that 73% of workers put in more work because they work at home.

Why are remote workers so much more productive? There are a variety of reasons. For many remote workers, there are less distractions. Working remotely removes undue chatting with coworkers and excessive meeting requests. Remote workers don’t have to drown out adjacent conversations and can create an atmosphere that is best for themselves, allowing them to focus and get the job done.

When working remotely, employees can also work to their own strengths. Depending on what makes them most productive, employees can begin work bright and early. If that doesn’t align with their personality, they can start later and work later. Remote working allows employees to take intelligent control of their schedules, empowering them to be as productive and happy as possible.

Employees who work remotely also tend to feel more valued and in control. They have freedom and flexibility, helping them to achieve a better work-life balance. The result is that they’re dedicated to the success of their role, their projects, and their company.

Reduced Business Costs

Companies that employ remote workers reduce their costs in real estate, furniture, cleaning, and travel costs. They also see fewer sick employees. In fact, some studies suggest that the total savings annually per employee is $1,800. Companies don’t need to completely convert to a remote structure to reap the benefits. While some companies like HubStaff, Flexjobs, and Zapier are 100% remote, other companies have opted to allow some remote employees while keeping other jobs onsite. American Red Cross, Dell, and HelloFresh have all started to selectively hire remote employees. Since moving to a remote structure, Dell Computers managed to save $12 million annually by reducing real estate costs through remote working. Xerox saves over $10 million annually in travel costs by using remote working to eliminate 92 million miles of travel. What kind of cost savings could your company see from hiring remote workers?

Increased Employee Retention

Increased retention means that your company saves time and money on recruiting and training new employees. Once applicants secure their coveted remote job, it’s shown that the remote work option boosts employee retention by more than 10%. This means that you and your team can spend more time getting to the important tasks, and less time recruiting, hiring, and training. 

Ready to Move Forward With Remote Work?

If your company is interested in moving forward with a remote workforce, it’s pivotal that you get a successful remote structure in place first. Remote workers require communication tools to be successful. Reliable tools such as unified communication platforms, team collaboration, and more can make or break your remote team.

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