Who is Vertical Communications?

Introducing Vertical Communications

When people use the phone on their desk they often don’t consider how it got there or where the technology that allows them to communicate worldwide comes from. When you pause to consider it, the technology behind communications systems is fascinating, and the people who create it have their own story to tell. For instance, do you know how your phone provider, Vertical Communications, came to be?

Vertical Communications has an innovative and interesting history. Founded in 2004 as Vertical Communications, the company began as a research, development, and communications production business. Since then, Vertical has grown to become one of the biggest communications vendors in the nation. Throughout the company’s history, Vertical has tapped into and developed new technology, crafted a knowledgeable and dedicated team, created partnerships to drive and provide best-in-class service, and launched and delivered products that are customizable for each unique business strategy in the United States. In 2014, Vertical Communications acquired Fulton Communications, a Mitel and Vertical Communications vendor. The Fulton acquisition allowed Vertical Communications to become a nationwide direct sales and support organization. Today, Vertical offers national support installation with a team of 82 technicians, project managers and other operations support personnel. This combination powers the One Vertical solution.

Vertical is unique in the telecom industry, acting as the only company in the United States that both manufactures, and distributes a telephony platform and cloud service while also offering a direct install and support capability nationwide. Vertical is the only company that can deliver a rich telephony solution with all components from one vendor. From phones, SIP trunks, and applications to installation, service, and support; get it all from One Vertical.

Vertical Communications and Cloud Solutions

Responding to the needs of customers in the marketplace, Vertical also offers best-in-class cloud service with the iPECS Cloud and Mitel Connect solutions. Partnering with Mitel and Ericsson-LG allows Vertical to focus on the specific solution tailored to each customer’s needs. Unlike many cookie-cutter cloud solutions, Vertical works closely with each customer to determine what solution and applications will transform a business into a more profitable and customer-friendly organization.

Throughout Vertical’s history, the key to success has remained the same: customers need expert help to improve their business communications. Whether it is large retail enterprises, local municipalities, school districts, or small businesses across the country; Vertical delivers on this success through a consultant approach. Vertical assesses a customer’s needs, issues, and spends, and then provides recommendations on all areas. The approach has created happy and successful customers time and again.

 To learn more about Vertical’s history, check out the timeline below. 

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