Unlock a World-Class Customer Experience

Speech Analytics and Scoring For Your Whole Organization

It’s not a secret. Great business results begin and end with an excellent customer experience. As obvious as that is, implementing customer service that creates these experiences can be elusive. You have to:

  • Understand your customer and their specific pain points
  • Create an emotional connection and show you care
  • Generate positive, friendly, and helpful experiences
  • Deliver value across omnichannel environments
  • Monitor analytics to help your team improve

Contact Center Tools for Everyone

Typically, the best tools for reporting and improving customer experiences are created only for contact centers. Yet Customer service doesn’t ONLY happen in a contact center environment. Do your other employees have access to the same training, tools, and feedback? Probably not. But they should. 74.5% of companies who have integrated their company-wide unified communications and contact center say that a universal user interface has become a “must-have” requirement, according to Metrigy’s CX & Workforce Optimization 2021-22 research study.

“Customer service doesn’t ONLY happen in the contact center environment.”

Measure Every Client Interaction, Every Time

It’s possible to expand contact center analytics into every customer interaction in your business; from the front desk to accounting, to tech support. AI-driven analytics can help you instantly identify any concerning customer calls and measure the quality of CX across the entire organization. Powerful insight tools allow your leadership to observe, evaluate, and coach their teams without having to invest in expensive contact center seats for every worker

Imagine the transformative ability to improve customer interactions, no matter where they happen. And consider what problems you may be overlooking without these tools. Vertical Communications can help you meet these enterprise-wide CX needs. For example, let’s look at a leading solution, 8×8’s Conversation IQ, which is available for both Contact Center and regular Unified Communications seats (and even Microsoft Teams users).

An Integrated Solution

1 Contact-Center-Level Call Reporting

Good reporting means capturing more than just call center details. You need the content and tone of every customer call and message, not just those in the contact center, to be data points. 8×8 Conversation IQ, for example, features the unique ability to record your customer interactions in dual-channel format. This means that you have a separate track for the customer AND the employee, which enhances your ability to report on each call through improved searchability. When interactions in your organization are matching your expectations, you’ll know it. And when there’s a problem, you can quickly identify it and address it.

2 AI-Driven Analytics

Capturing call data is one thing; organizing it is another. A platform like 8×8 Conversation IQ can use artificial intelligence (AI) to condense the content of calls into easy-to-understand sentiments. You’ll be able to see, at-a-glance, every situation where you’re receiving negative or mixed reactions and where you’re delivering a positive experience. This not only helps you know which interactions in your company are harming the customer experience (and target them for review) but also gives you a starting point for having those constructive conversations with your team.

AI should also be able to distill keyword maps from your calls to help you see what people are discussing inside your company. 8×8 Conversation IQ provides valuable keyword insight, out of the box, without any effort in setting up topics or categories. Over time, the keywords intelligently become specialized to your organization. Imagine how a simple visualization of keywords can give you a broad overview of the conversations that are actively driving your customer experience.

3 Insights and Coaching

Remember, customer service is happening everywhere in your organization, not just in the call center. You need reliable analytics and accurate reporting throughout the company to help your employees and processes improve. One of the best ways to coach your team is to have them follow carefully constructed scripts. With the right tools, this level of coaching is not limited to call center agents. Our solutions experts love how 8×8 Conversation IQ allows you to evaluate any customer interaction by automatically scoring its adherence to your scripts. This way, you can spend your time working with your team to get better instead of being bogged down with data entry.

Or perhaps you only need insights and coaching for a specific team or department. If you choose a communications platform that has granular deployment, you can launch services such as 8×8 Conversation IQ to specific groups or sub-groups. No matter who you want to target for coaching, whether one team or the whole organization, your communications platform should be flexible and robust enough to accommodate.

Vertical Can Help

Of course, Vertical can help you implement an integrated solution, such as 8×8 Conversation IQ. But we provide so much more. Our experienced solutions design team will work with you to make sure you’re getting a return on your communications investment. Our goal is to alleviate your communications pain points, help you improve your customers’ experience, and find opportunities to unlock efficiencies for substantial returns. Our team will then deliver a quick, worry-free install because you can’t afford for business to stall during the transition. Finally, if you encounter any problems, our award-winning support team, with 974 years of combined experience, will work tirelessly to get you back up and running as soon as possible. Don’t worry, we’ll have your back long after the installation process has ended. Great design, easy installation, and excellent support. That’s the Vertical difference. If you’re ready for us to help you grow your business and deliver an exceptional customer experience, reach out below.