The Vertical Communications Telework Toolkit: Guaranteeing Employee Productivity With the Right Tools

With the on-going threat of the Coronavirus, a lot of businesses are concerned about how to keep their businesses running as normal while keeping their employees safe. Allowing your employees to work remotely is the solution, but you need the right telework toolkit to find success. 

At Vertical we’re remote experts, because we practice what we preach. With 85% of our employees teleworking full time, our business continues as normal no matter what happens. We can help you, too.

First, check out the Vertical Telework Toolkit. It will help you look for the gaps in critical applications and capabilities in your communications system and build a plan to address them. See the Telework Toolkit here

Next, check out the Vertical’s telework content list. It will help you learn the ins and outs of telework, so that you can get your remote strategy right the first time. Check out Vertical’s telework content here

If you see gaps in your telework strategy that you can’t fill, then Vertical Communications may be able to help.