Commercial Credit Adjusters Ltd. Background One of the largest accounts receivable management services companies in Canada, Commercial Credit Adjusters (CCA) collects monies owed to large accounts, including major utilities and service providers. The company’s communications system supports more than 200 users and up to 12,000 calls per day. More than 185 CCA collection agents place … Read more

Hodges Badge Company Background If you’ve ever won a ‘First Place’ ribbon in school, you’re probably  familiar with the work of Hodges Badge Company. It is the country ’s largest manufacturer of school awards, show ribbons, medals, trophies, and rosettes. In business since 1920, it employs close to 150 people in two locations. “We’re one company, … Read more

Route 22 Auto Dealerships, part of Bay Ridge Automotive Group Background The Route 22 Auto Dealerships, a group of five auto centers in north-central New Jersey along the Route 22 corridor, is part of a larger consortium known as Bay Ridge Automotive Group and includes multiple Honda showrooms, a Toyota, and a Nissan dealership. Each … Read more