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When you’re considering whether a cloud, on-premises, or hybrid communications solution is right for your business, you need to understand what each option has to offer, and how those options align with your business requirements. Check your business’ requirements off the lists below to start learning which solution is best for you. You can download … Read more

Assessing which cloud solution is right for your unique needs.  In recent years, there’s been a notable shift in telecom solutions, moving from premise deployments, to cloud or hybrid deployments. In fact, by 2020 80% of businesses will move to the cloud. While cloud isn’t right for every organization, this shift is mostly due to … Read more

Vertical Communications sees an average of 20 bids for communications solutions each month across the country. Our average is to bid on 10-12 of them. Recently, we dived into this data to notice that cloud is beginning to approach premise solutions in requests. The concerning statistic is the 22% of deals that specify either a … Read more