Padre Dam Municipal Water District Padre Dam Municipal Water District, a water district serving over 100,000 people in Santee, CA, recognized that an upgrade to their older phones and contact center was long overdue. They aimed to find a modern solution that would eliminate costly hardware and bring the contact center and virtual office into … Read more

American College of Physicians (ACP) Background The American College of Physicians is the largest medical specialty organization in the United States and represents internal medicine physicians (internists). ACP partnered with expert telecom consultants EE and Associates  to find Vertical. They guided ACP through a fair evaluation process using standardized tools and custom criteria, which ultimately … Read more

Pingree School Background Pingree School is an independent school with 389 students and TK faculty and staff members, who rely upon its communications system to run effectively. In the past, Pingree utilized a premise system for their communications, but it was unwieldy, inflexible, and outdated. When it came time to upgrade their system, Pingree wanted … Read more

Advance Career Services Background Advance Career Services (ACS) is a family-owned full services staffing agency located in Massachusetts. When ACS began their search for a new communications system, they focused on solving a variety of pain points. In the past, ACS experienced regular, half-day outages, causing them to lose business. They did not have quality … Read more

Three Steps to Taking Your Contact Center to the Next Level in 2024 Economists love to make bold predictions at the end of every year. Gazing forward to 2024, the experts expect the US Fed to cut interest rates as it looks for that elusive “soft landing”. In contrast to recent fears of an impending … Read more

Dunn Tire LLC Background Dunn Tire is one of the largest retail and wholesale distributors of tires, tire equipment and wheels in the northeastern United States. Its headquarters are located at a distribution center in Buffalo, and it maintains three additional administrative distribution center “hubs” across New York and Pennsylvania. In addition, the company runs … Read more

Lou Fusz Auto Group Background In the world of auto sales, there’s no such thing as a ‘do over.’ “If we miss a call, or fail to respond to a customer query  in a timely manner, that opportunity , is in essence, dead,” says Ted Stranz, general manager of Lou Fusz Auto Group, a large dealership … Read more

Law Office of Neil J. Greene Background A fast-paced and rapidly  expanding law practice, the Law Office of Neil J. Greene is highly  respected for its work serving the legal needs of clients in the healthcare provider sector. Reliable, seamless, and efficient communication with clients, attorneys, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders is an absolute necessity. … Read more

Sun Office Solutions Background Sun Office Solutions is an independent retailer of office products, technologies and services to businesses throughout the Denver region. The company’s single facility supports more than 45 users, including its Customer Care team of 10 agents who service all of the company’s customers. According to Robert Marchetti, director of information technology … Read more

What You Need to Consider When Bringing Generative Artificial Intelligence into Your Business As anyone who has clicked on a news site in the last 6 months knows, there’s a lot of hyperbole floating around the conversations about AI and ChatGPT. No, AI isn’t going to destroy humanity in the next 5 to 10 years, like … Read more