Crest Insurance Group Background Crest Insurance Group, founded in 2010, provides its clients with great insurance and benefits options. As they grow across the southwest, they’re still dedicated to offering face-to-face service and staying involved in the local communities they serve. However, with more and more offices and limited in-house IT support, they needed to … Read more

Advance Career Services Background Advance Career Services (ACS) is a family-owned full services staffing agency located in Massachusetts. When ACS began their search for a new communications system, they focused on solving a variety of pain points. In the past, ACS experienced regular, half-day outages, causing them to lose business. They did not have quality … Read more

Commercial Credit Adjusters Ltd. Background One of the largest accounts receivable management services companies in Canada, Commercial Credit Adjusters (CCA) collects monies owed to large accounts, including major utilities and service providers. The company’s communications system supports more than 200 users and up to 12,000 calls per day. More than 185 CCA collection agents place … Read more

Improve Group Background Advancements in mobile communications technology  have made a profound and irreversible impact on almost all businesses that rely on the road warrior for sales, technical support, service, customer support and other job responsibilities that keep the enterprise humming. But while the productivity  and efficiency benefits of mobile communications are undeniable, mobility  brings with it … Read more

KPM CPAs Technology with Room to Grow Talk about growth: In a single year, KPM CPAs of Springfield, Missouri, acquired not one, but two separate accounting firms, bringing on clusters of new employees in waves of 15 to 30 people at a time. To keep pace with this growth trajectory, KPM moved into a new … Read more

Law Office of Neil J. Greene Background A fast-paced and rapidly  expanding law practice, the Law Office of Neil J. Greene is highly  respected for its work serving the legal needs of clients in the healthcare provider sector. Reliable, seamless, and efficient communication with clients, attorneys, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders is an absolute necessity. … Read more