Padre Dam Municipal Water District Padre Dam Municipal Water District, a water district serving over 100,000 people in Santee, CA, recognized that an upgrade to their older phones and contact center was long overdue. They aimed to find a modern solution that would eliminate costly hardware and bring the contact center and virtual office into … Read more

Cobb EMC Background Cobb EMC is a national network of electric cooperatives. With 200,000 members spread over 5 counties, their communication system is critical to their every day success and their positive member experience.  Their communications solution supports 7 buildings across their campus, 300 users, and 40 call center agents.  Cobb EMC underwent a three-year … Read more

Borough of Quakertown Background The efficiency of government agencies can often be measured in simple terms: ease of access, consistency, responsiveness, thoroughness, and of course, ability to stay within budget. All stakeholders — be they residents, businesses, employees, suppliers, and other constituents—rely on the government to be accountable, trustworthy, and cost-effective. Delivering services in cash-challenged … Read more

Four Reasons You Might Want to Take Another Look at Remote Work It’s a problem that we hear about all the time, especially from our local government customers. “How can we find more workers?” Challenges with staffing are a big problem right now. The NASCIO has listed it as one of the top 3 priorities … Read more

We recently received a story. It was from a Cigna customer reaching out to their helpline and getting connected with a robot—we call these auto attendants—instead of a live person. We’ll save you the suspense… the interaction didn’t go well. Chances are, you’ve experienced something similar yourself. Often, these attendants don’t understand what you’re saying. … Read more

10 reasons why a move to the cloud is the answer to your communications challenges For local government, just like any business or organization, customer experience is a big deal. Citizens expect the same level of quick resolution and availability when they call about their utility bill that they get with their Netflix account, if … Read more

The Vertical Difference Is Our Experience, People, and Process Are you a State, Local, or Education (SLED) organization that needs help with replacing aging communications technologies? The last few years were a wake-up call for many organizations that their technology was outdated and not ready for a world of remote work, staffing challenges, and an … Read more

We’re proud to support We Understand Your Priorities Vertical proudly participates with organizations like NASCIO, NASTD, and many more to understand what the key priorities facing state and local governments. We can help you deliver the projects that your constituents need. We Know How To Work With Government Organizations Vertical works hard to be the … Read more