American College of Physicians (ACP) Background The American College of Physicians is the largest medical specialty organization in the United States and represents internal medicine physicians (internists). ACP partnered with expert telecom consultants EE and Associates  to find Vertical. They guided ACP through a fair evaluation process using standardized tools and custom criteria, which ultimately … Read more

Pingree School Background Pingree School is an independent school with 389 students and TK faculty and staff members, who rely upon its communications system to run effectively. In the past, Pingree utilized a premise system for their communications, but it was unwieldy, inflexible, and outdated. When it came time to upgrade their system, Pingree wanted … Read more

American Academy Background American Academy is a non-profit, multi-campus  charter school catering to K-8 students. The school knew they needed a new secure, reliable communications system for their campuses, but weren’t sure how to proceed. They found their answer in Vertical Communications, a comprehensive communication provider with extensive education experience. Vertical’s detailed customer discovery process … Read more

Peoria Public Schools Like all other school districts, safety and security is a top priority for Peoria Public Schools. One of the largest school districts in Illinois, Peoria Public Schools serves more than 13,000 students and has more than one thousand employees. To achieve its objective of enhancing the safety and security of pupils, faculty, … Read more

Innovation Center, Owned & Operated by the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, Inc. (BNMC) Background Part of an over-reaching effort to revitalize the economy of the Western New York State region through the conversion of a once-thriving manufacturing center into a magnet for emerging companies in disciplines such as the sciences and technology, the Buffalo Niagara … Read more

Increase Parent and Student Satisfaction Better communications solutions allow educational institutions to enhance satisfaction, create a more positive CX, and contribute to the overall success and well-being of students. Implement Efficient Processes Efficient communication processes in educational institutions can enhance engagement, collaboration, and satisfaction among students, parents, and staff. Enhance Employee Productivity Elevate the overall … Read more