Autopart International Background For Autopart International (AI), a recognized leader in the highly competitive automotive aftermarket business, the ability to convert a caller into a loyal customer has been a trademark for over 55 years. AI’s business model is rooted in the company’s ability to field incoming calls quickly, efficiently and completely. It is routine … Read more

I-10 Toyota Customer Pain Points I-10 Toyota is a prominent automotive dealership in Southern California with two facilities: a primary location that handles new car sales and a second site, just yards away, for used cars. Like many dealerships, I-10 Toyota found itself at a crossroads in how to handle a changing business environment. Recent … Read more

Lou Fusz Auto Group Background In the world of auto sales, there’s no such thing as a ‘do over.’ “If we miss a call, or fail to respond to a customer query  in a timely manner, that opportunity , is in essence, dead,” says Ted Stranz, general manager of Lou Fusz Auto Group, a large dealership … Read more

Putnam Automotive Any car dealer knows that happy customers equal higher CSI scores—and that means more sales. In the automotive industry, customer service can be the difference between a failing business model and a respected reputation that leads to repeat sales and long-term relationships that span generations of vehicle owners. When Joe Putnam partnered with … Read more

Route 22 Auto Dealerships, part of Bay Ridge Automotive Group Background The Route 22 Auto Dealerships, a group of five auto centers in north-central New Jersey along the Route 22 corridor, is part of a larger consortium known as Bay Ridge Automotive Group and includes multiple Honda showrooms, a Toyota, and a Nissan dealership. Each … Read more

Myth: Most Inbound Calls Convert to Sales Opportunities A year-long study conducted by IHS Automotive recently revealed that 84% of inbound calls to 540 dealerships nationwide didn’t convert to sales. So jumping to the conclusion that your inbound calls are not your best source of customers isn’t crazy. Or is it? If you think about … Read more