7 Benefits of Partnering with a Single Communications Vendor

In light of the recent pandemic, companies are finding that it’s incredibly useful to have more effective communications tools in place. What’s even better than effective communications tools? Effective communications tools all in one place under a single vendor.

Multiple vendors or Value-Added Resellers (VARs) just leads to more headaches and more bills. Multiple services or platforms leads to siloed information and a poor customer experience. It pays off to have both—all your communications tools under one umbrella.

Complicated and Expensive Vendor and Platform Set-Up:

Simple and Efficient Set-Up:

Imagine an integrated cloud communications and contact center solution from a single vendor. A system that’s fully integrated and all-in-one, combining all the tools your team uses under one umbrella. The increasing popularity of remote and hybrid work have made a system integrated with cloud communications and contact center even more important.

Below, we outline the seven benefits of partnering with a single communications vendor AND a single communications platform.

1 Single Vendor: Lower costs

Dealing with one reliable vendor can net your business better rates on services, both because your infrastructure is streamlined and you don’t have to maintain multiple contracts with other vendors. It also means you can integrate all of your services without incurring extra charges for bundling.

Research from Metrigy, a company which provides guidance to technology leaders, has made the case for an integrated unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and contact center as a service (CCaaS) solution from a single vendor, claiming that the less tools there are, the more value to a business. Research participants that have integrated UCaaS and CCaaS report the following:

• 56.7% increase in customer satisfaction ratings

• 23.4% reduction in monthly per-agent spending on licenses

• 19.7% reduction operational costs

2 Single Platform: Smoother onboarding

When you have all of your communications services with one platform, it’s far easier to train new employees to use the software or equipment. You don’t need to spend time teaching them about different systems and how they work. Instead, you can concentrate on your business goals instead of trying to figure out how to get employees up to speed.

A communications platform like RingCentral helps you house all your information in one place, making it easy for you to import all your existing employees and assign them the right permissions across various communications channels (including phone, messaging, videoconferencing, and your contact center). You can get employees up and running in minutes, not hours or days.

3 Single Vendor: Easier account management

It almost goes without saying that managing one vendor relationship is easier than managing multiple vendor relationships. If you’re using multiple vendors to manage your communications, just remember you’ll need to manage the following for each one:

• Vendor selection

• Contract negotiation

• Contract management

• Vendor onboarding

• Vendor performance monitoring

• Vendor payment

That’s a lot of managing! With one single vendor, you still have to perform all these management functions, but only once—saving you time and money.

4 Single Platform: Stronger security

Having your communication tools on one platform helps to ensure your communications are secure, especially if your communications system is cloud-based. Cloud-based communications solutions benefit from regular updates, upgrades, and maintenance, which could fall by the wayside if you’re struggling with managing multiple vendors.

RingCentral guarantees 99.999% uptime (that keeps you connected during outages and disasters) with end-to-end encryption and seven layers of security. To add more protection, our global certifications include SOC 2, SOC 3, HITRUST, HIPPA, C5, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, and GDPR compliance.

5 Single Vendor: Better scalability for business expansion

When you partner with a single VAR like Vertical, your vendor quickly learns about your unique business needs and can help you with scalability and business expansion when the time comes. Rather than having to reinvent the wheel each time you scale, you can quickly access the resources you need from your trusted vendor.

With a scalable solution that grows with your business, you no longer need to hire new technicians, install new software, or change equipment.

Often small businesses will outgrow their current systems and providers because they can’t easily accommodate more users or services. A VAR can point you to a cloud-based solution, so you won’t be limited by server space or a lack of bandwidth and you can add new products or services without a hitch.

6 Single Platform: Tighter integrations

Quit switching between accounts and apps all day! If you choose your communications vendor wisely, you’ll be able to integrate all your favorite business apps with your communications system. This will simplify your everyday workflows. What could be better than that?

RingCentral allows you to manage all of your communications tools (from UCaaS to CCaaS) and access them from anywhere. They integrate with hundreds of popular business apps, including Salesforce, Microsoft 365, and Google Cloud. With everything in one place, your staff will be able to work more efficiently and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

7 Single Vendor: Greater customer service

When you have one vendor, it’s easy to reach out for support or ask questions about their product. You don’t need to put in multiple requests or wait for different departments to act on your requests. Instead, you’ll be able to get the information that you need quickly.

With Vertical as your VAR, for example, you’ll get the most out of your service with priority escalated support. When an issue arises, our team will make sure you get jumped to the front of the line so that your communications are always up and running smoothly.

Get the added benefit of a value-added reseller.

Having a single communications platform comes with many benefits. Choosing the right platform can save you money, make your life easier, and increase productivity. Maximize that savings with a value-added reseller like Vertical.

Vertical helps you get the most out of your business communications by working with your team to design and implement the most effective solution for your workplace systems. Our expert team, with over 974 years of combined experience, makes installation a breeze and provides comprehensive, worry-free support, so you can be confident your system will always be up and running efficiently.

Content adapted from post by Kellie Wong on RingCentral.com on Feb 18, 2022, updated Mar 03, 2022